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Learn to grow an audience and create products that people love. Liftoff is a one-of-a-kind course for creators like you.

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Chapter 1

You are a Creator

You might not know it, but you are part of a historic movement.

Chapter 2

Creating Profitable Digital Products

Learn what makes a good digital product and how to create and sell them.

Chapter 3

Solving the Right Problem

Learn how to create human-centered products that solve specific problems.

Chapter 4

Crafting Your Personality

Create a personality for your brand that resonates with your audience.

Chapter 5

Practical Pricing Strategies

Pricing is tough, but there's a strategy to inch towards perfect pricing.

Chapter 6

Education as a Feature

Product education is the unsung hero that answers questions before they're asked.

Chapter 7

Converting Customers With Content

Create powerful content marketing that puts a rocket booster on your products.

Chapter 8

Automating Growth

Automations don't just save you money, they can make you money.

Chapter 9

Ready For Liftoff

Time to take everything we've learned and put it into an actionable flight plan.

Who is this course for?

The creator economy is made up of millions of different creators from diverse backgrounds – designers, developers, educators, content creators, and more.

What these creators all have in common is the ability to package up their passions and expertise into digital products or services and distribute far and wide on the web. Digital products make for a lucrative, low-risk opportunity for creative professionals, educators, and freelancers to make money online and grow audiences with their products and services.

  • Designers

    The design industry is on fire right now. Turn your designs into pre-designed templates, design bundles, stock resources, and more.

  • Web Developers

    Web development is moving at lightspeed. Learn how to turn your apps, tools, and templates into products that other developers can benefit from.

  • Theme + Plugin Creators

    Competing in the WordPress space is tough. Learn how to stand out from the crowd and turn your themes and plugins into industry-shaking products.

  • Writers

    Creators like Nathan Barry have used eBooks to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars and launch multi-million dollar businesses.

  • Educators + Coaches

    The e-learning industry will be valued at over $300 billion by 2025. Online courses can help you tap into a niche audience and grow membership revenue fast.

  • Audio + Video Creators

    Video and audio are the most engaging forms of content out there. Learn how to split your digital content into multiple revenue streams.

  • Marketers

    All of these creators need your expertise to help them market their products! Learn how productize your marketing services to reach a wide audience.

  • Influencers

    You have to know who your audience is before you start building it. Liftoff helps you narrow in on an audience and create personas that you can market to.

Here's what you'll get

Read Liftoff on your phone, listen to the audiobook while you're running, or browse the ebook on your next flight.

  • Online Course

    The Liftoff dashboard has everything you need to get started! Work through the course, save highlights from each chapter, read through expert interviews, and access exclusive discounts and resources.

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  • 106 Page eBook

    Liftoff isn't just a web thing, you can also experience the course as a beautifully-designed ebook PDF for your tablet, or load it onto your eReader with the included ePub and mobi formats.

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  • High-Quality Audiobook

    Liftoff is also available as a professionally-recorded audiobook. Stream the book right from the course dashboard, or download the audiobook and listen to it on your favorite devices. Preview the tracks below!

    1. Preflight Liftoff Course 0:49
    2. You are a Creator Liftoff Course 0:49
    3. Creating Profitable Digital Products Liftoff Course 0:51
    4. Solving the Right Problem Liftoff Course 0:50
    5. Crafting Your Personality Liftoff Course 0:50
    6. Practical Pricing Strategies Liftoff Course 0:50
    7. Education as a Feature Liftoff Course 0:50
    8. Converting Customers With Content Liftoff Course 0:50
    9. Automating Growth Liftoff Course 0:50
    10. Ready For Liftoff Liftoff Course 0:50
    Adrian Petriw Professionally recorded by voice actor Adrian Petriw.
Mike McAlister

Meet Mike

Hey there! I'm Mike McAlister, a long-time product designer and principal software engineer from Wisconsin. I've spent the last 10 years hand-crafting beautiful and innovative digital products like Array Themes and Atomic Blocks that millions of people use to power their websites.

Over the years, I've learned a spaceship full of knowledge about what it takes to create lucrative digital products that solve problems (and look good while they do it). I've put everything I know into the Liftoff course to help you grow an audience starting making money as a digital creator!

Mike McAlister signature

Mike's creativity and thought leadership have made him an inspiring voice in online business. There's no doubt he can teach fellow creators how to turn their craft into cash.

Mandi Lynne portrait
Mandi Lynne
Organizer, Hummingbird

From selling digital products to building, scaling, and selling multiple product businesses, Mike is uniquely qualified to educate the next generation of highly-talented creators.

Giannis Rahms
Giannis Rahms
Design Director, Hello Spark

Mike's unique approach to solving problems with design, development, and marketing has inspired my approach to many of my own digital products and services.

Jason Schuller
Jason Schuller
Co-founder, Lemon Squeezy
Liftoff eBook
Liftoff eBook Inside

Grow audiences and earn money with digital goods.

I created the Liftoff course to teach you step-by-step how to pinpoint your expertise and turn it into digital products like courses, ebooks, memberships, digital goods, and templates that earn recurring revenue.

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