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I’ve worked in WordPress for over ten years now. I stumbled into this open source community before I even knew what open source was, or why I should care about it.

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I’ve worked in WordPress for over ten years now. I stumbled into this open source community before I even knew what open source was, or why I should care about it. At the time, I just wanted a better way to build websites for myself and clients. But once I started working with WordPress and exploring the community, I knew I had found something special, something powerful. What I didn’t know was that WordPress was going to effectively change the trajectory of my career and provide me with opportunities I could have never dreamed of otherwise.

I started by making WordPress themes for clients and eventually for mass distribution to wider audiences. The themes got better, my audience grew larger, my understanding of the WordPress ecosystem and product world became sharper. I gave talks, guest starred on podcasts, authored hundreds of blog posts and guest contributions, and constantly pushed for higher standards in design and code. 

The culmination of my work and efforts invested into WordPress was a highly respected and trusted WordPress product company with a passionate customer base — something you can only get by actually putting in the time and building those relationships, one by one. 

In 2018, I entered yet another phase of my WordPress career when I sold my suite of WordPress products to WordPress host WP Engine and began working with them to take WordPress to new heights in the burgeoning block editor era. 

Big life events like this tend to make you introspective about where you came from and where you’re going. Upon reflection, I found that I had a lot to share about my journey so far. Over the years, I’ve acquired a wealth of information about starting, growing, and selling successful WordPress products. It would be a waste to keep all of that business and product knowledge to myself! 

With Liftoff, I set out to uncover and distill hundreds and hundreds of hours of my own research and experience into a digestible and practical book about using WordPress to power lucrative and rewarding digital products and businesses. From the basic and seemingly obvious, to the juicy tidbits of advice that you can only learn by putting in the many hours that I’ve been privileged to put in over the years. 

We’ll chat with industry experts and learn from their success and mistakes. We’ll canvas the WordPress ecosystem and see what is going away and what is coming next. We’ll crunch numbers, knock down myths, and uncover new opportunities. We may even have fun doing it, who knows! But one thing is for sure: by the end of it, you’ll be equipped to launch the next big thing in WordPress and capture an audience in the process.

Now that we’ve completed our preliminary checks, let’s get down to business and initiate the launch sequence! (I promise I’ll keep the space jokes to a minimum.)🚀 

Mike McAlister

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Purveyor of finely-crafted products, pixels, and repositories. I created Liftoff to give you a 10-year head start on launching a kick-ass, lucrative product business. Find me killing time on Twitter and Instagram or take a peek through my lens.

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