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What you'll learn with Liftoff

I've put ten years worth of my own research and experience into a digestible and practical course about creating lucrative, human-centered digital products and services.

Product Design

Pretty pixels are only a small part of design. Learn to think like a designer and turn ideas into reliable revenue streams.

Email Marketing

Sending emails is easy. Sending emails people actually want to read is hard. Learn how create email campaigns that convert.


Stay small while growing big. Use automations to save money, grow revenue, and gain new customers. Automagically.

Sell Digital Goods

Big profit margins and infinite scalability. Get a digital goods store up and running and start growing recurring revenue.

Freemium Model

Want to tap into a third of the internet? Explore the freemium pricing model and how to make it a successful strategy.

WordPress Ecosystem

A new era of WordPress is here! See why so many creators choose WordPress as their platform to get up and running.

Product Pricing

Stop guessing and start asking the right questions. Learn how to conduct customer research to find the right price.

Recover Sales

Cart abandonment is a part of online business. Luckily, we have powerful automation tools to recover those sales.

Product Launches

Creating a product is one thing, but launching it into the stratosphere and getting views is a whole different beast.

Mike McAlister

A quick note about the course author, Mike McAlister.

Hey there! I'm Mike, a product designer and software engineer from Wisconsin. I've spent the last 10 years hand-crafting beautiful and innovative digital products like Array Themes and Atomic Blocks that millions of people use to power their websites.

Over the years, I've learned a spaceship full of knowledge about what it takes to create successful products that solve problems (and look good while they do it). I've put everything I know into the Liftoff course to help you launch the next big thing and grow some serious recurring revenue. Let's do this!

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Course Launch Updates

Preparing for Liftoff!

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